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Before your Baby Arrives
Congratulations! We would welcome the opportunity to partner with you as your child’s pediatrician. To help you choose your baby's pediatrician, Olson Pediatrics offers "meet the doctor" visits. This will allow you to see where our clinic is located and have some first-hand experience with our support staff. You should ask any questions you have about the birth process, hospital experience and what to expect in first few weeks of life. We want you to feel comfortable with your baby's doctor and there is no charge for these visits.

Our office will be notified of your baby's birth by the hospital staff.

We highly recommend you attend a birthing class that includes breastfeeding education prior to the birth of your infant. All new parents should have a good parenting book on hand. Please ask your OB/Gyn about any vaccines you may need to protect your baby such as Flu and Tdap.

After your Baby Arrives
Our providers round on newborns at Legacy Meridian Park Hospital. We will come to the hospital to examine your baby within 24 hours of their birth and visit your baby daily during your hospital stay. If your baby is born in a different hospital they will be seen by the on-call pediatrician for that hospital. Please inform their staff that you are a patient of Olson Pediatric Clinic and they will send us all the information regarding your hospitalization. After discharge from the hospital, we will want to see your newborn in our clinic within a two days. Please call to schedule that appointment as soon as possible after your baby is born.

Some OB/Gyn teams offer circumcision while you are in the hospital. If you prefer to have your baby circumcised after discharge, we can perform this procedure in our office within the first two weeks of life. Please let us know as soon as possible after your baby is born if you need an appointment for circumcision.

Important: be sure to inform your insurance company that your newborn has arrived! If you have difficulties with securing health insurance for your baby, please call our billing office.

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